Private Retreat for Cantor Injury Law, Friends & Clients

Cantor Injury Law is the trusted name in St. Louis personal injury law firms for many reasons, including our history of incredible case results and our close connection with our communities. To further the feeling of togetherness and support, Attorney Mark Cantor turned a large plot of his privately-owned land into CantorLand.


What is CantorLand?

CantorLand is a dedicated private retreat center for family, friends, clients, and staff members of Cantor Injury Law. As an invitation-only retreat, it is highly exclusively, private, and relaxing for Cantor’s welcomed guests.

The grounds of CantorLand are primarily a densely-wooded area of Missouri. There are streams, hills, glades, and wildlife in every direction.

Visitors of CantorLand often see:

  • Eagles
  • Deer
  • Turkeys
  • Ducks
  • Hawks
  • Doves
  • Rabbits
  • Coyotes
  • Red foxes

We have a horse named Misty, two loveable goats, a chicken coop, a rabbit, and a pack of friendly dogs on the property as well. Sometimes a Missouri bobcat will even prowl through the area, and there are rumors that black bears are making a comeback in the region. Not to worry, though! Guests of CantorLand are always well accommodated to ensure safety and enjoyment.

We recently gathered wood in CantorLand for a 15-foot conference table at Cantor Injury Law. The walnut logs to the right will be used to create a large walnut conference table. This walnut is grown, timbered, kilned, and made in Missouri: just like Cantor Injury Law.


What Do Our Guests Do at CantorLand?

People who are invited to CantorLand are in for a unique treat, as the private landscape offers relaxations and activities unparalleled. Many of our guests prefer to unwind with some firearms practice or licensed hunting. As a place led by a team of personal injury attorneys, you can bet that safety is always the number one priority.

If you are not in the mood for target practice, CantorLand has many other fun diversions for you to enjoy. You can explore the property while riding ATVs, watch a private fireworks display, build a campfire for storytelling, and much more! All in all, we want CantorLand to be a great place for our friends, family, staff, and clients to unwind when a case or claim gets stressful.


You can learn more about CantorLand by visiting our official Facebook page: You can learn more about Cantor Injury Law and our personal injury representation in St. Louis by calling (314) 485-4005
(Important reminder: CantorLand is the private property of Mark Cantor. Guests are permitted onto the grounds by invitation only. Out of respect for Mr. Cantor’s privacy and that of our guests, please do not come to CantorLand unless specifically invited. Trespassing is strictly prohibited by law.)

18205 Fox Glen Ln, Warrenton, MO 63833